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We have updated our methodology handbook and training manuals for project managers. Now these are also available in a number of other languages: Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian and Latvian.

What is new?

  • Training Manual – How to give good travel advice: The manual is aimed at supporting project management staff in their understanding of how to conduct effective travel advice conversations in a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project.
  • Champions Resource Pack: The champions resource pack is intended for project management staff. It runs through briefly how volunteers (or ‘champions’) might be involved and contribute to a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project, including an insight into their recruitment and the activities they might undertake.
  • Methodology: The updated methodology handbook gives basic guidance on the general principles and practice involved in setting up and delivering a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project.  It also provides specific guidance with regard to implementing a project in either a residential, workplace or university setting, as well as for supportive ‘in the field’ engagement.

You can find all materials in PDF format in the Resources area on the PTP-Cycle website.