Velo-city 2015 expo invitation

We hold monthly telephone conferences to take stock of our progress in the project and share latest news on PTP delivery in our five cities. But we also value physical meetings: these are priceless! This week we are in Nantes, the host city of this year’s Velo-city cycling conference organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation.

Yesterday, on 1 June, cities presented updates of their internal practitioner mentoring trips. Each city is undertaking two trips to other two implementation cities with the aim to learn about local best practices and bring them home to improve local PTP actions. Polis and Sustrans presented a concept for the PTP training workhop for 50 cities which will take place in Brussels on 18 November. Registrations will open next week. Stay tuned and visit the website regularly!

Today, 2 June, cities have presented facts and figueres of PTP delivery and in the field activities over the passed months. Great stuff! As an example, Ljubljana has handed out handy bags containing bike bells and lights, saddle covers, useful maps and factsheet on cycling and public transport use, to reward university students receiving personal travel planning advise over last Spring.
More events are planned for 2015. These will be promoted on the PTP-Cycle website shortly!

Stephan Renner, project officer for EASME, European Commission, has given a sneak preview of his presentation on European funding for cycling which will be presented in one of tomorrow’s Velo-city session.

As of tomorrow and for the whole duration of the conference until Friday 5 June, PTP-Cycle is moving to Velo-city: we have a stand in the exhibition area.