This champions resource pack is intended for project management staff.

About this pack

The Resource Pack runs through briefly how volunteers (or ‘champions’) might be involved and contribute to a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project, including an insight into their recruitment and the activities they might undertake. It also contains a checklist in Appendix 1 that can be used to cover off information for champions.

The document is available in the following languages:

English: PTP-Cycle Champions Resource Pack_Feb 2016_EN

Spanish: PTP-Cycle Champions Resource Pack_Feb 2016_ES

Dutch: PTP-Cycle Champions Resource Pack_Feb 2016_NL

Slovenian: PTP-Cycle Priročnik za ambasadorje trajnostne mobilnosti_SL

Latvian: PTP-Cycle Līdera_pakete_Feb_2016_LV