PTP-Cycle workshop Brussels_20151118 (1)

Sustrans, in cooperation with Polis, organised a Training workshop for European cities on Personalised Travel Planning tools and methodologies to develop and implement effective PTP in workplaces, universities and residential settings. The workshop was held in Brussels on November 18th, 2015.

The PTP-Cycle training workshop offered free advice and support to local and regional authorities, businesses and NGOs on how to set up Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) projects, and engage in direct conversations with citizens to encourage travel behaviour change.

Participants were able to:

  • Learn the principles and practice of setting up and delivering effective PTP projects in different settings (residential, workplaces and universities)
  • Discover PTP tools and resources and learn how to use them to suit local context
  • Hear from people with first-hand experience of delivering PTP
  • Find out about current and prospective European funding opportunities for PTP projects

The English-language workshop was attended soem 40 conference delegates coming from local and regional authorities, businesses and NGOs.

Download the workshops presentations: