Greenwich PTP Field Work 2014

PTP-Cycle has developed a rich toolbox of guides and training material to help follower cities develop own Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) projects.

These materials developed by PTP-Cycle partners comprise a set of documents and presentation slides to download to train up your PTP teams.


You’ll find two useful documents:

Training Manual For Fieldwork Staff

The Training Manual for fieldwork staff aims to assist PTP adopting cities in local training and awareness, and equip staff with the necessary tools, approaches, and skills to successfully implement a PTP programme.


Training Manual Presentation Slides

The Training Manual Presentation Slides for PTP-Cycle Cities are designed for use with the Training Manual For Fieldwork Staff. The presentation covers the following aspects of implementing a Personalised Travel Planning programme:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Planning
  • Behaviour Change and Social Marketing in PTP


These two documents go hand in hand with the three PTP-Cycle guides High Level Methodology for Residential PTP, PTP in Universities and PTP at Workplaces.

You can download these materials in the PTP Methodology and Manuals area