Edwin Leigh, LB Haringey and Steven Windey, Antwerp

We are pleased to present the fifth issue of the PTP-Cycle newsletter.  As you will read from our newsletter, we have a huge range of success stories from the past two and a half years, and we want to share these with other cities at the PTP-Cycle Final Conference on 18 February 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference, shared with sister projects STARS and MOBI, will present our experiences, best practice, project evaluation and opportunities for you to get involved and join the PTP-Cycle legacy. Make sure you are registered to attend on the event webpage!

Our new cover story is a double interview with Denise Adolphe and Edwin Leigh, PTP managers in London Borough of Haringey. Denise is Smarter Travel Manager, and Edwin is Principal Transport Planner, they explain that Haringey Council joined PTP-Cycle to help deliver their own Personal Travel Planning project in 2015.

Mobility expert Freya De Muynck of Traject – Mobility Management, gives an overview of the monitoring and evaluation phase which was carried out in PTP-Cycle to learn the net effects of the PTP approach. Read more in her article “How to evaluate your PTP-project?” and look at the info-graphic.

To download the newsletter, please click here.