Travel advisers in Burgos, June 2014

We are pleased to present the third issue of the PTP-Cycle newsletter. PTP-Cycle is really hotting up! Via our newly-trained delivery teams, this summer we have delivered Personalised Travel Plans (PTPs) to more than 10,000 citizens in our five partner cities: Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London and Riga.

We have set up a robust monitoring and evaluation framework through which we will report the modal shift and wider benefits later in the year. We will also launch our mentoring service to provide support and train up ten European cities, to furnish them with the skills and business cases to launch PTP programmes of their own.

In this third edition of the newsletter we also report on the first mentoring partner cities activity which is part of the PTP Training Programme.

Our cover story is an interview with Renata Rakuša, a project manager at Valicon, a market research company based in Ljubljana. Renata has helped in the local delivery of PTP-Cycle by managing the PTP field office, assembling the local delivery team and collecting and managing the data.

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