The panelists

The first of our National Take Up Seminars took place in Malaga on 27 February 2015. This was the first opportunity to present the specific achievements of PTP-Cycle from year one to a broad audience of municipalities, academics and consultants from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic and Israel.

Paul Curtis, LEPT and José María Diez, CIVINET Spain presented the results from PTP programmes delivered in households and businesses showing impressive attitude and behaviour change and resulting modal shift from car use towards cycling, walking and public transport. The PTP programme in Antwerp, Belgium, workplaces has seen a 17% increase in cycling whereas in London Borough of Haringey we have seen 15% increase in cycling, 28% increase in walking trips and 19% reduction in car trips (single occupancy).

Paul said “After only one year, it’s already clear that personalised travel planning is a transferable methodology to different countries and site types leading to positive modal shift.”

Paul also highlighted the numerous free services on offer to other cities, businesses and universities which can really help them to set up a PTP programme of their own. One such service is the PTP-Cycle training workshop due to take place at the Polis annual conference in Brussels in November 2015.

The full list of services is available at or you can contact for more information.