In each issue of our newsletter, we feature an interview with one of our PTP local partners. They are trainers, field office managers, travel advisers. Recently we featured an interview with Sian Creagh-Osborne PTP Trainer at Sustrans.

Sian Creagh-Osborne has worked as National Development Officer, Communities at Sustrans for 2 years. Her role involves travelling to different community projects around the country and delivering training and developing resources for the projects to ensure consistency of approach across Sustrans’ projects. She is energetic, enthusiastic and is currently training for a half Iron Man triathlon.

How did you become a PTP trainer?

Many years ago I was a Personal Trainer which gave me a good flair for explaining things to people and helping individuals ‘learn by doing’. I have also given lectures at various fitness conferences, which has helped me feel confident talking to large groups. I also have a Masters in Public Health, which has given me a pretty in-depth understanding of lifestyle behaviour change, supplemented by Sustrans PTP Training.

What qualities do you need to become a good trainer?

You have to be able to think on your feet – you can never predict the weird and wonderful questions that may come from a group of trainees. Being able to explain everything you cover in at least three different ways is also very useful, and it really helps to understand different learning styles. We have a tendency to always train using our own preferred learning styles but the people you are training may work differently to you and you need to utilise different training methods to keep everyone interested and engaged.

How do you motivate your trainees?

Keeping the training interactive with as much variety to a session as possible – never talk at people for longer than 15mins without an activity to break it up. Biscuits and grapes can also help! Give three tips to implement a successful PTP engagement.

  • Be interested in someone’s situation. You are there to learn about them and not to preach at them.
  • Know your marketing pack! Know what every item can help with and who it is aimed at.
  • Don’t be drawn into anyone’s negativity or moaning;
  • Stay polite, positive and enthusiastic.