Cycling in Haringey

There are a lot of exciting activities happening in preparation for the fast approaching residential PTP-Cycle projects in Haringey and Greenwich.

The marketing packages are coming together; there are a lot of great cycling and walking routes in both Crouch End and Abbey Wood which we can’t wait to encourage more people to make use of. 

The hunt for a suitable field office is underway; we need a lot of space to store all the information leaflets and delivery trailers so finding a good space sometimes takes a while.

The most exciting news is that we are currently recruiting the project officers who will be responsible for running the project on a day to day basis. These individuals need to be self-motivated and passionate about sustainable transport.   We will be interviewing on the 4th and 9th of April and are looking forward to meeting some great candidates.  Once the roles have been filled the project will really start moving!