Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia. With over 690,000 inhabitants, Riga is the largest city of the Baltic states.

Over the last 20 years, Riga has significantly improved its public transport services. Additionally, more and more attention is given to the development of cycling infrastructure and bicycle parking. These measures have resulted in a significant change in modal share for cycling, from 3% in 2006 to 12,3% in 2012.

Implementiation sites

PTP-Cycle in Riga is being implemented in two city districts and downtown:

  • Jugla ( target audience: inhabitants), and
  • Teika (inhabitants and students);
  • and the city centre where the project will target university students.

The three sites are equipped with segregated bicycle tracks connecting the City Centre to the outskirts. The target areas Jugla and Teika have very good accessibility by all means of public transport: buses, trolley-buses, trams, minibusses and trainlines.

Latest news!

During the first implementation phase in Spring and Summer 2014, 2,034 households were visited by consultants and 1,128 visitors to public events had personalised travel planning conversations. In total, 1,512 questionnaires about mobility patterns were completed and 1,117 different marketing materials were distributed.

Some conclusions from phase 1 of field work:

  • Public events had a higher rate of positive response than conversations held on the doorstep.
  • Residents were often reluctant to engage with PTP-Cycle on the doorstep.
  • Event selection is an important consideration for success, with outdoor family events more successful than sporting event.

Knowledge Hub

Field office:

333 Brīvības Street, Riga, Latvia

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday  16.00-20.00

PTP Champions

Champions are people who are active or want to be more active. They are enthusiastic and motivated about cycling and walking and can support and encourage others to feel the same.

Contact details:

Viesturs Silenieks, Chairman of the Board, Latvia Cyclist Association

E-mail: divritenis@divritenis.lv

Social media links

Several activities and events will be organised in Riga. If you wish to participate in the competitions and events, follow PTP-Cycle social media channels and Riga on social media.

Facebook (Do the Right Mix campaign): www.facebook.com/GudraisPilsetnieks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VeloCelvedis

Twitter: @rdsvc

Local PTP-Cycle contact leader

Olita Anča,

Riga City Council, Traffic Department

Gertrudes 36, Riga, LV-1011

E-mail: olita.anca@riga.lv

Tel.: +371 67012712