Cycling in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the largest Slovenian city with 280,000 inhabitants and almost 50,000 students. Size-wise Ljubljana classifies as a medium-size European city and has an important geostrategic position.

The city is home to many important employers so a large number of people commute daily from surrounding regions. In the last years the city implemented a series of measures to promote walking, cycling and public transport as excellent alternatives to car use. As a result of this the number of cyclists is steadily growing and the public transport system detected the increase of daily passengers.

Implementation sites

PTP-Cycle methodology is being tailored to two important focus groups living and working in the city:

  • students living in the residences and
  • employees of the faculties.

According to preliminary analysis, university students are open to changes in their travel habits, but often choose the car if available for their daily trips for its convenience. Such behaviour has increased dramatically over the last 10-15 years, when car ownership among students started to grow.

Employees on campus belong to several groups with specific needs and travel habits: part-time and full-time academic staff, faculty administration, technical support and employees working in supporting facilities.

Latest news!

Though the response rate of the employees was much lower than expected, the project still offered significant results. 92% of employees who received advice and materials were pleased with the service.  About 10% of employees receiving the materials stated that they tested the suggested alternatives as a result of the personalised conversation. 

Short term evaluation of results show increases in walking of 5% and in cycling of 27%, and a reduction in car use of 6%. The evaluation survey was carried out 6 months after the activities, and another survey will be carried out 12 months after the baseline survey in the same conditions and technique in order to measure the long-term effects. 

The project contributed to a notable change of attitude to car use, with the share of those in the pre-contemplation group (not considering using alternative modes) decreasing from 19% to 10%. As a consequence the share of those contemplating a reduction in their car use increased from 28% to 43%.

Knowledge Hub 

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Luka Mladenovič


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Simon Koblar



PTP Champions

Champions are people who are active or want to be more active. They are enthusiastic and motivated about cycling and walking and can support and encourage others to feel the same.

Contact details:

Adriana Rejc Buhovac, Faculty of Economics

Stojan Kostanjevec, Faculty of Education

Ajda Zvonar, Faculty of Social Sciences

Mitja Kandare, Faculty of Administration

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