View of Burgos Cathedral

Burgos is a medium-sized city (180,000 inhabitants) located in the north of Spain.

Since 2005 the city has worked hard to increase the number of cyclists by providing new cycling facilities, a bicycle loan system as well as multiple marketing and dissemination activities. Currently, Burgos has the second highest use of bicycles for daily commuting trips in Spain (nearly 4%). The City Council of Burgos is a partner in PTP-Cycle in collaboration with the CiViNET Spain and Portugal Association, and it is proud to be one of the most concerned cities in Spain in terms of bicycle, including a Bicycle Plan.

Implementation sites

PTP-Cycle is being implemented in a residential area developed in the 1990s and now housing 10,000 inhabitants living in high-rise apartments. They are mainly couples in their 40s and 50s, with grown-up children and teenagers. The area is around 2 km away from the city centre. Cycling infrastructure in the areas is considered very good but under-used.

The target audience showed in the past a high level of public participation in communal projects and the district is very lively, hosting several neighborhood associations. As such it is well suited to a residential PTP programme.

Latest news!

2,968 households received PTPs, more than the 55% of the target area (the visits covered a total of 5,400 households in 2014).

This coverage is a positive result, and the short time evaluation has provided promising figures about the impact of the visits: 

  • 94% of the residents were satisfied or very satisfied with the visit, advice and materials received.
  • 29% of the residents responded that the information received about cycling has made a permanent change to their attitude to cycling and their perception of using a bike as a normal mean of transport.
  • 19% of the residents increased cycling following a visit.
  • Only 2% of people use their car as frequently following a visit, with the remaining 98% reducing private car use, and increasing use of a bike or public transport, or walking.

Knowledge Hub

Contact details:

José María Diez   –   Lara V Carrera   –   Hernán Gonzalo


Tel: +34 947 28 88 67

PTP Champions

Champions are people who are active or want to be more active. They are enthusiastic and motivated about cycling and walking and can support and encourage others to feel the same.

Contact details:

Asociación Burgos Conbici,

Dr. María Eugenia López Lambas, Faculty of Polytechnic Madrid

Dr. Angel Ibeas, Faculty of Cantabria 

Burgos University, Association of the bike

Social media links

Several activities and events will be organised in Burgos. If you wish to participate in the competitions and events, follow PTP-Cycle social media channels and Burgos on social media.


Twitter: @PTPCycleBurgos

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Local PTP-Cycle contact leader

José María Diez


Tel: +34 947 28 88 67