Antwerp is the largest municipality in Belgium with 512,000 inhabitants and 9 districts.

During the morning rush hour, there are an average of 48,685 inward journeys compared to 25,820 outward journeys, and 98,303 journeys within the city. Before 2030, Antwerp expects a growth of 100,000 more inhabitants. This will lead to many urban challenges, such as mobility. The city already has a wide network of public transport modes (train, tram, buses) and will invest more in public transport in future. Moreover, better connections by tram and bus must lead to a more accessible city and city centre.

Implementation sites

PTP-Cycle in Antwerp is focusing on different implementation sites:

  • Workplaces (in the city centre),
  • Households (starting with the district of Ekeren),
  • Universities.

Latest news!

So far Antwerp has contacted more than 1,000 individuals in different target groups.

Positive outcomes:

  • The project has received a positive reception from across target sites, especially given its timely response to major infrastructure changes and mobility challenges.
  • Some organisations have been inspired to invest more in measures to increase active and smart mobility within their own organisation.

Social media links

Several activities and events will be organised in Antwerp. If you wish to participate in the competitions and events, follow PTP-Cycle social media channels and Antwerp on social media.


Local PTP-Cycle contact leader

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