PTP-Cycle “Personalised Travel Planning for Cycling” is a project co-funded by the Intelligent Energy-Europe Programme granted by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

As the term suggests, PTP provides tailored information directly to the individual on sustainable mobility options through a one to one discussion with a PTP Adviser. The resulting information pack is then hand-delivered, leading to a greater likelihood of behaviour change than a one-size-fits-all-approach.

Five cities have come together in PTP-Cycle – supported by LEPT, Polis, Traject, UIRS and Sustrans – to develop the first pan-European PTP Delivery Programme, transferring their know-how to a larger audience of European cities. Using the approach of segmentation, individuals identified to have the largest potential for behaviour change will be targeted in each of the three implementation site types in Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London and Riga:

  • residential:  individuals and families.
  • workplace: staff at all levels.
  • university: students and teachers.

60,000 people taking part.

PTP-Cycle started in April 2013 and ran for 3 years. It comprises 8 partners drawn from mobility experts, city authorities, research agency and leading networking organisations.

Personalised Travel Planning: a proven behaviour change methodology

  • Personalised Travel Planning is a tried & tested way of achieving sustainable modal shift.
  • Past PTP programmes have led to 10% reductions in car use with increases in walking of cycling of up to 30%.
  • Trained PTP Advisers conduct 5 minute interviews with segmented individuals using open-questioning and motivational techniques.
  • By truly understanding what might trigger a change in the individual’s current travel behaviour, an effective set of materials can be offered to affect a lasting shift to cycling, walking or public transport:
    • Cycle training,
    • maps,
    • competitions,
    • led-rides,
    • bike and public transport discounts.
  • Tailored messaging results in greater behaviour change

We will show PTP is transferable across Europe and city Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) achieving minimum 10% reduction in car use and CO2 emissions across three implementation sites.