PTP-Cycle objectives are to:

  • Achieve measured attitudinal and behaviour change away from the car and towards cycling and other sustainable modes in the Implementation sites and other EU cities.
  • Increase PTP capacity and skills in cities across Europe.
  • Unlock public and private sector investment into PTPs and raise behavioural change mechanisms up the political agenda.

PTP-Cycle will deliver:

  • PTP Training Programme for five Implementation cities in the project: Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London, and Riga.
  • Handbooks developed and translated to assist PTP adopting cities.
  • Mentoring programmes for 10 cities across Europe.
  • Final PTP Training Workshop for 50 PTP adopting cites across Europe.
  • Field offices (Local Knowledge Hubs) giving a permanent presence and resource across the residential areas, workplaces and university campuses in the Implementation sites.
  • Supporting events and campaigns at numerous sites across Europe.
  • Social media-led awareness raising and competitions to engage local actors.