There are a number of ways in which EU cities, NGOs, universities and workplaces can really get involved and help increase PTP take-up across the EU.

PTP methodology

The PTP methodology is available to all cities and stakeholders via the PTP-Cycle website. This includes step–by-step guides, interviewing methods, evaluation techniques and practical tips on how to train up teams of PTP advisors, to allow PTP programmes to be set up across the EU.

Mentoring Programme

The project has offered 2 year mentoring service for 10 cities to help them through the process of local political engagement and successful PTP delivery. For more information on the services available in the Mentoring Programme, please download PTP-Cycle – Mentoring Services NEW!!

Discussion forum

Through our LinkedIn discussion group, cities were kept abreast of latest results which helped them make the case for PTP investment as well as to join the debate and have a constant supply of answers.

Social media campaigns

Other cities were also be able to benefit from joining the various social media campaigns and competitions – following our lead on using Facebook and Twitter to engage and motivate the public, and smart phone applications to measure and compare distances cycled.

Training workshop

PTP-Cycle further offered 50 cities free PTP training sessions to really build capacity and release future investment across Europe.


There were also opportunities for sponsors to support various activities of the project either locally, or across the project consortium. This included providing bikes and equipment for competition prizes, supporting public mobility events and fairs or sponsoring conferences or political engagement seminars.